Thursday, January 26, 2012

4 Month Countdown

Well, today marks 4 months until the wedding. Just 120 days now stand between me and a planning-free lifestyle!

I'm going to preface this post with: This is not intended for anyone specifically and I am not trying to be ugly....

Now, with that said: *Approach Soapbox* Here goes...

Wedding Planning, YOU SUCK! People say that this is supposed to be a marvelous time in your life and that it will all be worth it. Well, when people say that about pregnancy, I get get a HUMAN BEING out of the 9 months of carrying, planning, etc. I understand that planning a wedding is not quite as physically daunting, but for the past 12 months, mentally and emotionally, it's putting me through the ringer. I do know that the day will be amazing...all 5 hours of it, I'm sure, but I don't know that I'll look back and say "wow, that was totally worth it all." Stay tuned as I'll be sure to write a post about it at that point, but like I said, I just can't imagine those words coming out of this mouth. I feel as if this has turned into Bride vs. Everyone.... All I want is for everyone to be happy, but wait a second...isn't this the one day in a woman's life that is supposed to be 100% about her? I'm writing all this down so that if I have a daughter I remember to come back and read what I felt at this time.
I pulled out my back this week (true story) and I did it from bending over backwards for everyone else (that part's just me being dramatic!). Really though, I feel like as if I am going out of my way to please my friends, bridal party, parents, in-laws, venues, vendors, dogs, cats, random strangers walking down the name it! And I'm SO.OVER.IT!!!!!!

*Step down from soapbox*

Whew - thanks! Needed to get that off my chest! I resolved this week to just say ok to anything and everything. From here on out, I don't care what goes on the tables, what goes in the envelopes, what the bouquets are made of, what the people wear, etc. I'm just going to breathe, smile and remember that I am going to marry my best friend and go on a fantastic, adventuresome and relaxing honeymoon with him. Now I DO know why people take honeymoons now! That, you definitely deserve!

Little sisters, friends that have yet to get hitched and any random man and/or woman reading this....I have two words for you:

Coulda, woulda, shoulda! ;)

Now for a little update:

1. We put an offer in on a house, but someone else beat us to it. :( But, we're going on a marathon hunt on Sunday with our realtor and I'm looking forward to it. Everything happens for a reason, so that just means there's an even better place out there for us! Hopefully the kitchen is just as amazing!!

2. Lisa's Likes: I came across a pretty cool website a week or so's called It's a website full of yumm-o healthy recipes and tips. I just love it and hope to make some of the recipes soon!
Going right along with healthy options, pinterest has given me a couple of great recipe options as well.... I made these two last weekend and they have both been fantastic, quick and super healthy breakfast options.
     ~1. Green Monster Smoothie: So Yum!!
           - 2-3 bananas
           - frozen mangos, peaches, pineapples
           - 2-3 cups spinach (I haven't tried other veggies yet but I hear carrots & cucumber work too!)
           - 1/4 cu. greek yogurt (optional)
           - 1 cup fat free milk (optional)
           - ice and water as needed for desired consistency
        Blend them all together and voila! You have a green monster. It's nutritious and delicious. Don't                 be concerned...if you add berries, nuts (another option I've heard used) or certain veggies, you'll get a         brownish monster. It should still be just as yummy!
I freeze them and pop it in the micro for about 1 min in the AM and have a delish breakfast! They're also great if you're craving ice cream or sweet treat!

     ~2. Egg McMuffin's (Not the McD way, but the clean way!)
          - egg whites
          - any seasoning and veggies you want (I used pepper, garlic, sea salt, spinach and onion)
        Mix egg white beaters with your veggies and seasoning. Spray down your muffin tin or use cupcake liners and then pour in mixture. I baked at 350 for about 20 minutes. Use the toothpick test to check if they're done: place toothpick through middle and if it comes out dry, you're good to go!

I don't even know where to begin with how fast, yummy and healthy this is!

3. We have some more engagement's just a few...

Until next time.


Saturday, January 14, 2012

Year End Review 2011

What a year 2011 was!

I am grateful for all the amazing people in my life and all the opportunities both Brandon and I were given this year. I know I'm still a little behind, but I hope everyone had a fantastic 2011 and here's to an amazing, exciting, prosperous, life-changing 2012!

Our 2012 Highlights:
-Brandon got a new job
-Lisa got a new job
-Lisa got a new car
-We added Timmy to our family
- I ran my 2nd half marathon
-We had our first holiday with both sets of parents
-We took our first vacation together
-My best friend had a precious baby boy
-My Godson turned 1
-Girls trip to TAMU for football and fun!
-Dad turned 50! (Whoa!)
-Mom and Dad had their 30th anniversary!
-Oh - and we got engaged!!!!

Some of my favorite pictures from the year:













Things I'm looking forward to in 2012:
-Buying a house
-Getting married!
-Going on my honeymoon
-Turning 7 - that's right - I have a real birthday this year!! Woo hoo!!
-Being done with wedding planning!!!!!!!!!
-Starting the rest of my life with the one I love

How many of you make new year's resolutions? I don't like to call them resolutions so much as goals for the upcoming year. Some of my major goals I hope to accomplish are:
-Being a better blogger - I'm not off to the best start, but I'd like to start blogging more frequently. I really enjoy the outlet!
-Creating more! Thanks to pinterest I've been inspired and I'm proud to say that I am actually a pinner that can say: "I've made some of the things on my pinterest page!" There are so many great gift and craft ideas for the home and I'm excited about moving into our new home, so that I actually have some room to create and let my inspirations flow!
-Making healthier choices - this is really an ongoing goal. I'm always looking for easy, delicious ways to be healthier as well as finding fun, interactive ways to be more fit.
-With the last goal in mind, I've already come up with a fun way to keep active! 12-n-12! It's the year 2012 now and the past 2 years I've run a half marathon and done a couple of 5k's. My goal in 2012 is to run 12 races, with at least 1 being a half marathon! My first race of the year will be Jan. 28, which will be a 5k. Then another 5k in February - the color run...look it up! I can't wait!!!! March and April aren't scheduled just yet, because of trying to schedule my wedding showers, but I plan to get it all worked out this weekend! I'll probably also do the 10K at cowtown in Ft. Worth, the weekend before my real birthday! yay!
-Being the best I can be as a wife and a mom to our fur-babies! I'm always trying to improve myself and my home!

Make 2012 the best year yet! I think taking things back to simplicity is one of the most amazing things anyone can do! When you just stop, breathe, take in the moment and believe, the simplicity of life will overwhelm you!


Saturday, December 31, 2011

An Untraditional Christmas

It being the last day of the year, I suppose I could combine my Christmas and New Year's post, but I don't know that I have the stamina to write that much today (nor the time), so we'll stick with Christmas today, and then get to the New Year, well, tomorrow hopefully! :)

Christmas is always a time I look forward to. It used to be my favorite time of year, it still is but in a different way. As I mentioned in my last post, as I've gotten older, I've really come to see the real meaning in Christmas and though gift exchanges and holiday parties are fun and festive, it's so important to remember the real reason for the season.

I don't know if my whole family felt the same this year, or if it just wound up working out this way, but we kind of went back to the basics, so to speak. We do holidays BIG at our house. My parents are both from huge families and we've been fortunate to have close family friends in the area that may as well be family. Before this year, I can't remember one where there were less than at least 10 people. It's always tons of fun and tons of laughter. This year was a little different. I think the realization is starting to hit my parents (and B's for that matter) that we'll be married in a few short months and, well, sad to say, but this would probably be the last Christmas for each of our parent's to have us to themselves. So, Brandon went home to spend some time with his parents and I packed up the fur-kids and headed to mine.

We didn't invite anyone for dinner this year and on Christmas eve, my dad cooked a ham and mac & cheese. Jokingly, he said "Mmmm...we should eat this tonight because it looks to yummy to wait until tomorrow." And then someone, I think my mom maybe, chimed in with "well, let's just do Christmas tonight and then we'll do church tomorrow and then relax the rest of the day." To which I replied: "YES!"

So we had a casual dinner, while watching Sound of Music on TV. Which that in itself was hilarious because B was watching the same with his parents in LR and kept texting me with all the absurd lines in the movie that he hadn't noticed before. :) Then, we opened our traditional Christmas jammies and then the rest of our gifts! :) Well, actually before that our parents took one last picture of their 3 Rosso girls at the top of the stairs, since next year I'll be a Turner! After presents we ate some dessert, snuggled up and watched another movie. It was a perfect day!

The next morning we went to church, took the dogs to the park and then dad made our "Christmas dinner". His homemade pizza! MMMMMMM. Talk about untraditional! But, we sat around the table and had us a feast! It was delish. Then we went and saw We Bought a Zoo at the theater. Um - FANTASTIC movie!

So, basically it was full of relaxing and just enjoying the 5 of us. It's been a long time since we've taken it easy and just enjoyed each other's company. The perfect Christmas indeed!

Update: It's now 2 weeks later and I'm just getting back to this blog...oops! Being busy is fun, but whew - looking forward to things slowing down after May!

So - last bit about Christmas...

Brandon and I decided to not exchange presents this year. We're house shopping and just paid for our yeah.... Then he asked "so, are we really not exchanging gifts or are you saying that and then getting me a gift and expecting one from me?" I appreciated that - means he's learning! ;) So, I mentioned that I had gotten a couple of things for him, but explained they were things he needed and we would have bought soon anyway, so I just wrapped them so he had something to unwrap.
Now, before I mention what he got me, I should mention that B isn't the most romantic boy in the's not a bad thing because then when he does do something super sweet, it means that much more. He went creative on me! I didn't even know he had it in him, but he does! Now he's in trouble because I know what he's capable of! Mwahahaha.

He spent maybe $10 but it's the most meaningful gift I've ever received:

First you need to know - I have an obsession with cute costume-like jewelry and second, I have a jewelry organization disability if you will... It seems that for the life of me I can't keep two earrings in a pair and it's because I don't have a good place for them. They get mixed up and clumped together in jewelry boxes and so a year or so ago, B joked and said "my mom keeps her jewelry in a tackle box" and I thought to myself "genius". I mean - each pair of earrings could have their own individual space then. Well, he got me my tackle box, but he took it to the next level!

It's hard to tell from the pictures, but he made the tackle box the "husband box" complete with instructions. And he said "I did this on my own - I didn't even look on pinterest!" Oh, how I love that boy. Each compartment has a task or gesture, so if I wear the jewelry from that day, he has to do whatever the label says. A few examples of some of the compartments: back/shoulder massage, shopping trip, random compliment generator, gas fill up, flowers, chick flick movie pass, etc. It was so cute and the instructions/letter it came with had me all misty-eyed. I love that feeling!
The only problem is that now I stare at my jewelry trying to figure out not only what I want to wear, but also what I might want from the husband box! It's doubled my "get ready" time! Totally worth it though!

Hope everyone had a fantastic holiday! Happy 2012!

And now a few pictures from the season:

I felt like being cheesey! Success! 

Being silly at the Ice exhibit! 

It's a family tradition!

Mom and Dad with their Christmas pj's

Chloe and Timmy were snuggling!

I found this on my dad's camera - guess he thought it was funny that Chloe was ready to come back in


Mom and Dad - they're kinda adorable! 
Yes, I'm as tall as my dad! (at least in the shoes I was wearing)